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In 2015, David Cameron pledged he would attempt to repeal the 2004 Hunting Act and thus legalise fox hunting, deer hunting and hare coursing. 

In response we launched the campaign to #Keeptheban – a grassroots movement designed to preserve and strengthen the ban on fox hunting. 

2015 We grew our online presence – amassing over 100,000 followers and reaching almost half a million people on a weekly basis with our messages. 

2016 In September 2016 we joined ‘Stop Hunting Fox Cubs’ at a demonstration in London to hand in a petition to DEFRA and the National Crime Agency, demanding tighter controls to ensure that the illegal act of ‘cubbing’ does not take place. 

2017- This year our campaign stepped up a level as we put pressure on Theresa May not to repeal the Hunting Act as well as the campaign to end ‘trail hunting’ on National Trust land. 

2018- Fundraising and online presence grows significantly 

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